Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just how did this dirty lil slut get so dirty?

I have always been a dirty nasty lil girl.  On my hot ass mutual masturbation call earlier today my caller asked me what was the first dirty thing I remember doing.    When I was very young, I was
caught masturbating on my aunt's sofa, by her and her big huge black boyfriend.

It was so hot, he actually leaned in and said so go punish her for being such a nasty lil whore.

so she came over and spanked my ass, he pinched my lil nipples and shoved me down on the floor, as he pulled out his big cock and fucked my lil mouth, until I gagged all over it.  My aunt pushed my head down on it even harder. 

Later than night, she came in my room and said I want you to show me what you were doing earlier.  She made me spread my pussy wide open, and shove my fingers in, and hers, and she grabbed my hand and made make her cum, and lick her nipples, then she made me drink her piss out of her pussy, as i licked her until she came, she wouldnt let me stop even while she was pissing all over me.

I knew it was bad, and i couldnt wait to get more of it!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I caught my uncle stroking his cock with my panties!!!!

My panties must smell so freaking musky and sexy.  I keep catching people with them.  first it was a friend of mine, then it was the neighbor, and now my uncle?

I decide to slide my panties off and smell of them myself.

Oh yea, they do.  

I decided to be nice, and finish my uncle off with a foot job.

Are you into my feet, to? 

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My brother takes me to a Glory Hole!

I was making a Naughty Christmas list when I noticed my brother looking over my shoulder.  He smiles.  He says, lil sis, you really want to go to a glory hole?  I shrugged, I guess so, I think it would be kind of hot, sucking cocks that I don't know who they belong to, not knowing what size, shape, kind is going to pop in that hole.

He takes me to a completely different store than I thought we would go to.  At first, I thought we would go to the local toy store.  Oh no, Krista, Just wait and see.

We pull up into a freaking HOME DEPOT parking lot.  He takes my hand and winks at the cashier behind the counter, and slips him some cash, and he slips him the key to the man's restroom!  We go in, and my brother orders me on my knees, and then this big, black cock pops into my hole!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hot Naughty Babysitter Roleplay made me cum so hard in my panties

The other day, I get a call from Mr. D , he wanted to do a naughty babysitter roleplay, where he caught me masturbating after everyone had gone to sleep.  I was going thru his movies, and he comes in and sees me laying there, hand shoved deep in my pussy

He's like, Krista, what the hell?  I look up, im like, oooohhhhhhhhhhh, you are home early.  He said and your being very bad.  He pulls me over his lap, spanks my little ass bright red

Then, he pulls my clothes off, bends me over the sofa and fucks me so hard.  His dick was so big, it stretched out this tight little pussy.

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