Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just how did this dirty lil slut get so dirty?

I have always been a dirty nasty lil girl.  On my hot ass mutual masturbation call earlier today my caller asked me what was the first dirty thing I remember doing.    When I was very young, I was
caught masturbating on my aunt's sofa, by her and her big huge black boyfriend.

It was so hot, he actually leaned in and said so go punish her for being such a nasty lil whore.

so she came over and spanked my ass, he pinched my lil nipples and shoved me down on the floor, as he pulled out his big cock and fucked my lil mouth, until I gagged all over it.  My aunt pushed my head down on it even harder. 

Later than night, she came in my room and said I want you to show me what you were doing earlier.  She made me spread my pussy wide open, and shove my fingers in, and hers, and she grabbed my hand and made make her cum, and lick her nipples, then she made me drink her piss out of her pussy, as i licked her until she came, she wouldnt let me stop even while she was pissing all over me.

I knew it was bad, and i couldnt wait to get more of it!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I caught my uncle stroking his cock with my panties!!!!

My panties must smell so freaking musky and sexy.  I keep catching people with them.  first it was a friend of mine, then it was the neighbor, and now my uncle?

I decide to slide my panties off and smell of them myself.

Oh yea, they do.  

I decided to be nice, and finish my uncle off with a foot job.

Are you into my feet, to? 

Whatever your fetish is, your lil cumdumpster will satisfy it! 

Dont make your cock wait any longer!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My brother takes me to a Glory Hole!

I was making a Naughty Christmas list when I noticed my brother looking over my shoulder.  He smiles.  He says, lil sis, you really want to go to a glory hole?  I shrugged, I guess so, I think it would be kind of hot, sucking cocks that I don't know who they belong to, not knowing what size, shape, kind is going to pop in that hole.

He takes me to a completely different store than I thought we would go to.  At first, I thought we would go to the local toy store.  Oh no, Krista, Just wait and see.

We pull up into a freaking HOME DEPOT parking lot.  He takes my hand and winks at the cashier behind the counter, and slips him some cash, and he slips him the key to the man's restroom!  We go in, and my brother orders me on my knees, and then this big, black cock pops into my hole!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hot Naughty Babysitter Roleplay made me cum so hard in my panties

The other day, I get a call from Mr. D , he wanted to do a naughty babysitter roleplay, where he caught me masturbating after everyone had gone to sleep.  I was going thru his movies, and he comes in and sees me laying there, hand shoved deep in my pussy

He's like, Krista, what the hell?  I look up, im like, oooohhhhhhhhhhh, you are home early.  He said and your being very bad.  He pulls me over his lap, spanks my little ass bright red

Then, he pulls my clothes off, bends me over the sofa and fucks me so hard.  His dick was so big, it stretched out this tight little pussy.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teasing my daddy and my cousins on thanksgiving, such the dirty slut!

I love being around all my cousins and my Daddy! I was such a bad little slut
When I was home for Thanksgiving, I was naked in the kitchen,
First thing in the morning, before anyone else woke up,
I was helping with the cooking
Such the bad little slut, and not shy at all about it
 Teehee, Cum and lick this rolling pin daddy!
Or, you can try to tame this little tiger!
Cum on Daddy, cum and get your hump day started the right way

With your dirty little cumdumpster! Nothing is To Taboo for this
Dirty little coed! Age play, family fun, cum and hear
All my real life stories of what I did with my
Step Dad and his friends.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Your my little sissy slut!

Teehee, you want to dress like me, look like me, walk and smell like me.

You will let me fix your hair, put your make up, and dress you, like the little slut that you are!

You will then get on your fucking knees and suck it!

Do it daddy, do it!  Suck that big fucking dick!

Your lil princess gets off on ordering daddy around!

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or, are you going to turn the tables? 

Try to tame this tiger!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Irresistible Slutty Interns teasing, and pleasing?

The last few weeks, I have also been working as an Intern at my Daddy's office!
Some filing, answering phones, totally not the phone calls like I get here!
I've been wearing way to skimpy clothes to the office.  My Daddy was out of town,
so the boss called me in to talk to me about my performance, which he says hasn't been good.
I just might have to do some dirty work before he lets me go!
I come over to his side of the desk.  I'm sure we can think of some things to help
improve my evals!

What kind of Dirty work would you have me doing?  Call and finish my story!
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

daddy seduces the babysitter

my hottest call this week, was where daddy decides to seduce the babysitter, when he finds that she has fallen asleep watching a movie of his, and it's still playing!  He's like krista, what are you doin?  Im like, well, you know.  He asks what I think of the video.  I grin, thin i raise my skirt up and show him what it did to my pussy! 

Oh, Krista, you are soooo bad!

Daddy, how do you want to finish the story?

Who seduces who?

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

do it daddy, do it! You know u want to obey!

Daddy, u know u want to get down on your knees and lick this sweet sweet pussy!  But, daddy, before you get to taste my juices,  daddy, you have to do something else for me!

I need some help with this huge cock daddy!

It's sooo big!  I want you on your knees, in front of me, licking and sucking it, as it goes into my wet pussy!  I want you to rub that clit, keeping it wet for me daddy!  Or does daddy desire this big black cock?

yea daddy, cum and help your dirty lil slut with these big cocks!

Lets get nasty together!

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Who knew that working at phone sex kingdom would
make me this slut even hornier????

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lmbo! Teehee, I made him do it with a cucumber!

Oh my gosh!  He wanted to use a cucumber!  Lmbo!  For his little bitty man pussy, he wanted me to fuck him with a fucking cucumber!  Im used to strap on's dildo's and fingers, even some damn ice cubes, but
a fucking cucumber!  Anybody up for cucumber salad?


Told ya I'm a dirty lil fuck!

for your salad of choice, (i guess that was his tossed salad flavor!)   i have 15 min for 20, even for my repeaters, and 30 for 40 this week only!

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I got your fucking cucumber!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my hot ass call of the day, watching my bf's dad stroke his cock

i was over at my bf's house, and I went to take a shower in her parent's bathroom.  While I was in the shower, her dad comes in their bedroom, and puts on a pair of panties, he did not know I was in the shower.  I thought that he was still at work, so I come out wearing just a towel, and his eyes about pop out of his head when he sees me standing there.

So, Daddy, what happens next?  Do you stroke for me, or do i have to force you to stroke for me???
Or, do you take advantage of me standing there, in just a towel?

Let's have some kinky fun daddy!  Cum find out just how kinky your little girl can get!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Sweaty Toes!

My Teacher Loves my Sweaty Toes So Much!  I love to tease him by wearing sandals, after my
morning run!

I will go to his office, asking for some extra credit help, tee hee, and put my feet up on his desk!

I see his eyes light up, and his bulge get thick!

MMMMM, I just love it!

Such the bad little ho!

Call your Dirty Cum Slut Krista,

and play with my toes, lick them, suck them!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Daddy, Your Princess has been so Naughty!  Going to all these parties, I just can't help myself, being such the Naughty
Slut at School!  I have been fucking all the guys in my Dorm Room!
The guy I had last night was fucking hung like a horse!
And, Daddy, it wasn't just one big white cock either, oh no, your lil girl is way to much of a slut for that!
And, ba Damn, Daddy looky what your lil slut was doing when I should have been studying!!!!
So, Daddy, a few questions for you!  Is your cock as big as these?  Or is a just a little bitty man pussy?
Or, is my Daddy one that is so curious to know how this big cock feels in his throat!
Teehee, let me push your head down on it daddy!  And for all my Daddy's that like creamy pie, mmmmm, me to!
Call your Nasty, Kinky Coed Now!  I get into all your fetishes!  And as you can see, all my honey boxes are wide open for you!
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Friday, October 14, 2011

My Hot Ass Call with Mr. G

Hot Damn, Mr. G!  I came soooo fucking hard!   MMMMMMMM, I shoved this dildo in both holes for him, and I was screaming as I was cummmiiiinnnnnnnn! 

We did a hot roleplay where my Daddy saw me coming inside an adult bookstore, and saw me go around back, when I should have been in class!  Giggle!  I went back to the glory hole room, and had dropped down on my knees when my Daddy walked in!

MMMMMM, what does daddy do when he catches me?

Come and finish my hot asss story your way!  In and all holes are totally wide open for u!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daddy, Cum clean my Panties Now! Do it Daddy, Do it! Krista is home from college and Ready to Play!!!

Daddy, I want you on you knees now, Daddy!  Get down and clean my panties!
Love to smell my panties, wrap them around your cock, Daddy??? 
When I come home from college, Daddy, I find you sniffing my panties
In the laundry room, and wrapping my clean panties around your cock!
Daddy, you should smell where the came from!
Get on your knees and clean me now daddy!
Your Dirty Dorm Room Slut is home for fall break already, and ready to
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dirty Dorm Room Slut Krista! So Many Cocks, To Little Time!

Studying??  Why the fuck should i be studying??  There's so Many Cocks and Pussy for me to lick and suck and fuck!
I knew there was this paper that I should have been writing, but hell, I was out partying like crazy!
The morning it was due, I did not have a single thing written.  I dressed up so sexy, and walked into your office.
Putting my leg up on your desk! 

You look up at me and say, Krista , what are you doing?  I giggle, and say, well, as I look down and wiggle my cute little toes at you.

MMMM, I need to earn some EXTRA CREDIT!  I Have been so bad!  I've been so busy sucking cock, and not studying!

So, Teacher, what do you want me to do for Extra Credit?? 

Cum and hear all my dirty dorm room stories of what I was doing instead of studying!
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Friday, September 23, 2011

College has started! So Many Cocks, so Little Time!

I freaking love college!  So many guys to flirt with, so many teachers to seduce and tease!
MMMM, makes me wet just thinking about the guys I was fucking in my dorm room.

When you cum inside, you just never know how many cocks you will see me sucking and fucking!  Just yesterday, babe, I was fucking these 2 guys in their shower, in their locker room!  No wonder the teacher told me I could use the shower!  We made damn good use of it, to!

            Cum Inside My Dorm Room, babe!  Krista's Dorm Room is not your normal dorm room! 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This dirty southern lil slut is feeling so freaking dirty today! Come and Squirt it for me, babe!

You know that country song, that goes like come and give it to me babe, give it to me?  Oh Country Girl, give it to me!  I think it's Luke Bryan or somebody, but anywho, now I have the thought come and squirt it for me babe, squirt it for me going thru my dirty lil head today!

What's going thru ur dirty head?

Call and tell me all ur secrets babe!

I won't tell a soul! 888-296-1752

Monday, September 19, 2011

How did Krista get so dirty, so young?

Hi guys ,
I thought I would take some time to answer one of the questions I get asked most often. I bet I hear it at least 3 or 4 times a week. How did you get so naughty and you are only 19, Krista?

I have thought a lot about that answer and this is why I think I have such a wide wicked streak. First, sex has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. There wasn’t a single time in my life when I wasn’t fucking someone.

Daddy taught me very early about cocks and cunts and fucking and sucking, so it has just always been there for me. I learned very early the power of sex, I remember Daddy would always buy me the toys or clothes I wanted after we had our “special” time together. (Yes mom, that’s why I was so spoiled.)

Second reason, is probably the internet. I was very lucky to have access to such a wide world of porn from the time I got my first computer in my room.  Daddy would come in and I would sit in his lap and we would watch movies of big cocks in little pussies until he came all over his little girl.

Then when he left I got to look around on my own and discover just how many flavors sex came in.Third, my parents worked a lot and like most of the young ones in my neighborhood, I spent a lot of time unsupervised which in my tender years allowed me a lot of freedom to corrupt the those other young ones in my neighborhood.I have always been a slut, and will probably always be.

I have never tried to hide it and have found lots of boys and girls more than willing to help me with my education. I know I am not your typical teen. But how many of you were having sexparties before you could drive?So hopefully this explains a little about who I am and who you are dealing with when you call me. I was a high school Domme, a daddy’s girl and to a lot of little boys and daddy’s (and a few little girl’s) favorite babysitter, I have been a fun playmate for I don’t know how many others, uncles, brothers, cousins, daddy’s friends.

I played with sissy boys and have introduced a lot of guys to the joys ofsucking & fucking cock. Looking so innocent has come in handy believe me, it is a great cover for all the corruption that simmers underneath. Let me show you what I have learned in my life long pursuit of the ultimate slutitude.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Daddy, I caught you in my Panties again! Your addicted to my Kreamy Juices!

Daddy, I was such a bad lil girl, and skipped school today!  I came home and caught you going thru my dirty panties in the laundry room!  Was it this pair of panties, Daddy?

Daddy, what you did not know is that I had my boyfriend with me!  I was going to suck on his big cock daddy, but now that I've caught you in my dirty panties, Daddy, I want to control you and tease you,
to seduce you into sucking his dick!

He was going to likc my ass and pussy, Daddy!  But now I think you should do it!  Clean my ass and my panties, Daddy!

Call your controlling bratty teen daddy!  I will seduce you, tease you, and control you into a fucking cum
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Friday, September 9, 2011

Cuckies, cum to Krista! Ready to get my pussy ready for that Big Dick??

I had a smokin hot Cuckold call the other day!  He calls and tells me all about his cuckold lifestyle. 
I really like having a cuckie get my pussy all nice and wet for that big huge cock to slide inside of me!

This cuckold wanted me to go to the club where I picked out a big cock for my tight lil cunt.
I was grinding up agaist him on the dance floor,teasing him with my hand getting close to his cock.  I didn't want my pussy to get wet just yet, because I know u like to get it wet for me!  I talked my new friend into going back to the hotel room, where you were waiting. 

             How for does your Cuckold Desires Go?  Call and tell your Dirty Lil Slut Krista!


         Cuckies come to Krista!  Don't make your Cuckold Princess wait!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Krista, the kinky girl that lives next to you

So, my neighbor, Mark left his window open, and I was soooo bad!  I went in, and called him!  I said to him, very flirtatiously, "Did you know you left your bedroom window open when you went to work?  Well, you did… and it was pretty easy to pop the screen and crawl right in.  I’m looking at your crisp, clean pale blue sheets right now.  Doesn’t look like you’ve been getting a lot of action on them lately…  *giggle*
Guess what I’m doing right now, Mark?  I’m rubbing my pussy through my little purple panties, right in front of your bed.  You know, you always seem to ignore me whenever I’m looking at you or talking to you; I don’t think you’re gonna be doing that anymore!  I’m taking my wet panties off and rubbing them on your pillowcase right now… gonna be pretty hard to ignore me when you smell this later!
Mmmm, your sheets have your scent all over them… that yummy cologne and a little bit of manly smell.  I’m gonna change that, though!  I brought my special toy with me, Mark.  I’m sliding it over my bald pussy lips and you’re gonna hear me fucking myself with it in a minute, right here on your big bed.  So when you come home in an hour and you see that wet, sticky spot, you’ll know exactly what it is and exactly who put it there.
I’m going to stuff it in right now… are you ready to hear me cum?”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My very first, real life panty boy!

My first encounter with a panty boy is still vivid in my mind. I was in High School and my parents were out of town so of course I invited one of my boyfriends over to hang out.  After an afternoon of making out on the couch and watching movies I decided to take a shower. Well you can imagine how surprised I was when I came out of the shower and there was my 6’1″ track star boyfriend  with his face buried in my panty drawer.

He knew he was busted and I was pissed off.
I began to yell at him and ask him what the hell was he doing, I kind of lost my mind I think. I shoved him back on my bed and told him that if he liked my panties so much I was gonna make him wear them like the sneaky little bitch he was!  Then at least I would know where my panties were. Well he must have liked that idea because when I pulled off his jeans his cock was as hard as I have ever seen it. I threw a pair of my pink lace panties at him and made him put them on. He tried to put up a fight, begging me please no, “I just wanted something to think of you with, “but I could see his heart wasn’t in it because his cock was drooling pre-cum like a faucet. I almost hated to ruin my panties but after watching him slide them up those sexy muscular legs and snug  them up around his barely contained cock I have to admit I got distracted. Maybe you would like to help me re-live this sweet memory and see how distracted I can be

But hell, how can you deny yourself?  I know I can't!

Call your Nasty Lil Cumdumpster Now! 

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strapon, More Strapon, Ass Play and Cum spittin!

This dirty freaky girl was getting her freak on the other night with Mr G! Mr G first imd me about
a roleplay, trying to see if I was Kinky enough for him!  (Btw, Krista is KINKY, RAUNCHY, IRRESTIBLE, TAMEABLE????,  ADORABLE!

                                            Mr G likes my strap on, a lot!   We love to use it!

Are you a whore to the strapon?  I got your strap on, and your dildo

Where do u want them????? 

The guy that can make me cum the most this week will be on my blog, name withheld, of course!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Totally hot controlling my daddy call with Mr B

So, today, I had a call with, we will call him Mr. B.  He likes for me to contol his little bitty cock.

He says, you sound to young and inncoent to be able to.  I don't think you can!  Tee hee!

Oh yea, I can definitely control your ass.  On your Knees!  Get Ready to freakin Suck on my Big Strap on, after you have licked this lil cunt clean!

I might be new to phone sex, but i know how to control your ass.

Am I your Total Bitch today?  Or your Innocnet Lil Girl that needs to please her Daddy?

Can you tame this wild Kitten!

You can try to for 15 min!  If you can last that long with me!

Also, to sweeten the pot, I do have pics of me with strap ons, bj pics, and me fucking and sucking guys off.

What can I say??  I'm just a fucking slut!  888-296-1752

Gettin my dildo ready for you!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

this barely legal was messing around with her new stepmom!

oh yea!  you heard that right!  Me and my stepmom were messing around one night, after we were having some shots of sex on the beach, yea they let me do that to!   My new stepmom and I were swimming in the pool, and she moves over my bikini bottoms and starts to rub my tight little cunt!

MMMM, it felt so good, so i started rubbing hers!  she told me to be a good little girl and suck her juices!
She tasted so yummy!   MMMMMMM!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Are you into age play? Looking for daddy's little princess? Like this young girl to control daddy?

I like to tease my daddy into doing what I want.  Ill wear those tiny lil skirts for my daddy, so he can just finger my tight lil cunt, as I sit next to him on the sofa.   

I had this one hot call with Mr. B, that wanted me to control daddy into sucking my boyfriends big cock!  Giggle!  That was so much fun!  I can make my Daddy do anything!  Teehee!  Call me, daddy and let's play!  You want to pop this cherry, don't you daddy?

            Come clean my panties daddy!  Are you a Panty Boy, Or a Cuckold?  Krista loves her Cuckies!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

My oh my! Panty boys, and something called a cuckold?

Well, today, being my 3rd day in the world of phone sex, I have learned there is something called a cuckie, that wants to get my pussy ready for another man's cock?????  A much bigger cock!

Also, I have learned that some guys want to wear my panties!

And I have also learned that some guys like me to make fun of there itty bitty cocks, or male pussy!

Wow, what a day in the phone sex world!

But, needless to say, I did rock those cocks!

I am one dirty, filthy slut! New to phone sex, but Not New to Sex at all

Hello all you horny guys!  I'm a brand new princess ot the kingdom!  Your Kinky Lil Seductive, your Dirty Girl!  I love to be your bratty lil princess, that kinky lil girl you buy all the cute outfits for, so that you can be seduced into doing all those freaky, kinky things.

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I'm very new to phone sex, but not new to sex at all!  My momma had brought in a lot of guys thru our house, she fucked some, I'd stand and watch outside of her bedroom, rubbing my lil cunt.

Cum and fuck me now!  Boring phone sex, you will not get here!  Sucking, Licking, Hot, Dirty Roleplays with your Dirty Girl is what you will get! Seductive Teasing, and a  little princess that knows how to get what she wants is what you will find!

Calls are just 15 min for 20 bucks, credit, debit or get a prepaid visa, amex mc, she will never know u called me!   888-296-1752!  aim/yahoo cumminwithkrista