Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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As an early bday surprise, my friends took me to this Wild, Crazy party,
Where I ran into this hot ass blonde, having such a wild and crazy time,
she grabbed my hand and we were dancing into all hours of the night, when she
whispered for me to come party with her, me being somewhat innocent,
on that note, was up for anything, she looked so trusting and sweet--
You know what they say about looks being deceiving, does she look
like a party whore to you?

See what I mean, maybe that's some of my, clearing throat, Innocence showing thru
She drags me down to the smoke filled basement, and says, Let's play a game -
It's called Puff Puff Pass, I'm lke wtf. She passes it to me, Did I totally cough my head off?
Oh, hell yea! I have to lose some clothing, lol. She strips me down

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