Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 cock whores are better than one! I partied it up with my girl ryan , and its my bday!!!!

As an early bday surprise, my friends took me to this Wild, Crazy party,
Where I ran into this hot ass blonde, having such a wild and crazy time,
she grabbed my hand and we were dancing into all hours of the night, when she
whispered for me to come party with her, me being somewhat innocent,
on that note, was up for anything, she looked so trusting and sweet--
You know what they say about looks being deceiving, does she look
like a party whore to you?

See what I mean, maybe that's some of my, clearing throat, Innocence showing thru
She drags me down to the smoke filled basement, and says, Let's play a game -
It's called Puff Puff Pass, I'm lke wtf. She passes it to me, Did I totally cough my head off?
Oh, hell yea! I have to lose some clothing, lol. She strips me down

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bukake Babe! It just left me wanting more! Can you Cover me with your Cum???

Bukake Babe,
I want you to give me one!
Bukake Babe!  It just left me wanting more

I was on my knees begging for more cum at this Wild Party
I had one in my mouth, one in my ass and one in my pussy,
they pull out all of a sudden and cover my face! 
It was so much cum, left me craving more!
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I was still craving more that night, so I fucked and sucked a few more guys that night
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

baddd lil babysitter caught masturbating

it was late at night, im asleep on your sofa, but u can tell that ive been playing wtih my pussy, as my hand is in my panties and my shirt's up around my tits.  You and ur gf come in and see me laying there like that.

It makes her instantly wet, and u say, krista, what in the world???

I wake up, shocked you are there, and ur gf is just standing there, starting to rub her pussy.

She orders me down on my knees

What happens next?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i brought home my younger friend, she tastes so good

this afternoon, me and my friend, lexy skipped school together and came back to the house.  We thought you were going to be at work all day.  I take her up to my room, and even though shes younger than i am, i talked her into sliding her panties off, and letting me put my tounge in between her sweet lips.

mmmmm, she taste so good, daddy!  You get home early and come upstairs, we don't hear you at all.

You see us, way before we see you, and you start stroking your cock, wanting that young lil pussy.

mmmmmmmmm, im still licking her pussy when u walk over to us, I grab your hand and let you finger her pussy, before she realizes it's you, but it feels so good, shes starts humping your hand.

daddy, i want you to show her how big your dick is, and have ur way with my young friend.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

My real life panty boy strikes again!

One of my fave callers, Mr,K loves to wear panties for me, and be my dirty nasty boy! 
Here is one of his favorite pairs

he loves playing with his vibrator for me, I can hear it as he puts it in his ass, then I make him clean it off!
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His cock ring

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just how did this dirty lil slut get so dirty?

I have always been a dirty nasty lil girl.  On my hot ass mutual masturbation call earlier today my caller asked me what was the first dirty thing I remember doing.    When I was very young, I was
caught masturbating on my aunt's sofa, by her and her big huge black boyfriend.

It was so hot, he actually leaned in and said so go punish her for being such a nasty lil whore.

so she came over and spanked my ass, he pinched my lil nipples and shoved me down on the floor, as he pulled out his big cock and fucked my lil mouth, until I gagged all over it.  My aunt pushed my head down on it even harder. 

Later than night, she came in my room and said I want you to show me what you were doing earlier.  She made me spread my pussy wide open, and shove my fingers in, and hers, and she grabbed my hand and made make her cum, and lick her nipples, then she made me drink her piss out of her pussy, as i licked her until she came, she wouldnt let me stop even while she was pissing all over me.

I knew it was bad, and i couldnt wait to get more of it!

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